About Me

My name is Abdelrahman Said. I am a passionate VFX artist trying to find my way into the industry. My main focus is compositing, but I am really interested in a lot of other aspects of VFX specifically and filmmaking in general.

In this website, you will find a documentation of my journey towards achieving my goal. I will discuss new techniques I am learning and employing in my showreel or my work. I will share my thoughts, ideas, questions, frustrations and, hopefully, achievements.

As I said, compositing is my main focus and it is what I studied, so a lot of the things I will share here will probably be related to compositing. However, I am also interested in animation and 3D in general, colour science and colour management, pipeline building and management, as well as VFX-related programming, making my own tools in Python or, once I am comfortable using it, C++. Therefore, every now and then, you will probably find some content on one or more of these areas.

So, get ready, hop on the train and let’s travel together to the magic kingdom.