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After almost an entire year since my last post, I am finally back to blogging.

However, it is not like I was off the grid or anything. I was still moderately active on Twitter and I even started live streaming every now and then.

I have also been working a lot on several projects.

Additionally, a lot has changed in my life. I changed jobs twice in the past year. Currently, I work as a Post Production Specialist in a company called Flawless playing a small role in helping develop some cool AI-driven tools for filmmaking and post production.

I also finally had some time to start pursuing my interest in game development. First, I created a clone of Flappy Bird using the Godot game engine. I had fun creating it and enjoyed using Godot. However, I wanted to learn more, so I decided to stop using a game engine and started working building a new game using C++ and the SDL library. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with using a game engine, but I just like going deeper into the things that interest me.

I will probably share more about the game later. For now, I have some videos of some of the prototypes I have built shared on my Twitter account.

Another project I have been working on is a Twitter-like text area component for React. I have been building this project live on stream and it is available on NPM for anyone interested in trying it.

The component will be mainly used for another project that I built, which is a progressive web app called Threadder. The app allows users to write text of any length and then publish it to Twitter as a thread.

For now, that will be enough. Stay tuned for future blog posts.

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